Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What Are Trumpets Known For?

An orchestra is an amazing assembly of instruments. The way so many can come together and contribute to a single piece of music is mystifying and intriguing. Each section and each individual instrument follows the music under the direction of the conductor and the result is a unified theme, resounding in the concert hall. Each instrument is unique and add its own color to the music. Each instrument is known for certain qualities and sounds. The violins add their vibrato, carrying the music theme often, and will occasionally go to the higher register, hitting some shrill notes. The woodwinds seem so gentle, carrying along the melody in an almost sweet way. Then there is the brass which can be played quietly, but is often used to produce a bombastic march. In particular, the trumpet, is usually thought of as a particularly loud and all-consuming sound. I cannot escape the similarity between this instrument and the current forerunner in the Republican presidential nominee race.

Donald Trump is loud. He is vitriolic. He is needlessly obnoxious. I would let politicians be politicians, but this man has gone a bit too far. When he spouted off his less than savory and thought out immigration remarks, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, and was willing to accept that he did not mean that most of Mexicans are rapists, but that he meant the Mexican government was sending such types over the border. I gave him that. I appreciate him taking on a hot topic very strongly. However, his most recent remarks about John McCain are just too much. I do not know much about John McCain. I do not know his record with any credible certainty. I could not speak to his work or lack thereof for veterans. I will even admit his reference to Trump supporters in Arizona as "crazies" was wrong and McCain should apologize for ever referencing any group of Americans that way. BUT, I do know that McCain served our country in the military. I do know he was captured and tortured. I know that lasted 5 years. I know that makes him a military war hero. No questions asked. Whether you were captured or not, you don that uniform and risk yourself by serving in a war in any capacity then you are a hero. Trump did concede amid boos that McCain is a war hero, but the line of "I like people who don't get captured" is just disgusting. In what I think is an attempt to "get back" at McCain for his crazies comment, he has made a statement that appears to say that Trump only likes winners and since McCain was captured, he's not a winner. Trump seems to be implying that he only likes winners perhaps like himself. How proud can you be to think you belong to some group of people who are always winning and never lose?! I cannot read his mind, so I do not know if my judgments of his thoughts is anywhere near correct, but something is amiss in his mind, especially if the general public receives his comments negatively and he still refuses to apologize.

My wife and I were discussing Trump a week or so ago, and we were discussing what appears to be just a very prideful demeanor about him. The thought that came to my mind was that "pride goes before a fall". Trump has been so busy pointing the finger at people, calling people names, saying what a horrible job people have done, while simultaneously proclaiming how he will do so much better (with very little real detail I might add). He has been so caught up in pushing himself that I believe he has really had a "fall" with this statement. The main problem for conservatives at this point is that we are faced with Hilary Clinton on the Democratic ticket. We need someone to really give her competition. If Trump does lose support, he has left the door open for him to pursue a Ross Perot 3rd party option which will ensure a Clinton victory. Conservatives are almost forced to continue to support him to avoid what would surely follow. I am grateful that God is in control of kings and all such as are in authority. May we pray that even as Donald Trump continues to bulldoze his way through this primary, that God will humble his heart, not his resolve. May God temper his tongue and not conservative policy.

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